All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee (Garrett)

This hymn of praise was written by New Zealand contemporary-Christian-music pioneer and evangelical worship leader Dale Garret in 1976, based on Psalm 145: 10-11, 13.

It was published in the first edition of Scripture in Song - Songs of Praise in 1977, and was the title track of the accompanying two-LP compilation album which was released in the same year (ref).   Later publications included
Praise Chorus Book 2nd Edition (Purple) by Maranatha Press (ref) - but no in-print publications have been found.
It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Garrett. This has a 4/4 time signature.  In the key of F, the first few notes are C C B A G F_ E D, with accompanying chords F / Bb / Am7-5.


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Original recording: solo singer with backing and keyboard

Instrumental - piano:


These lyrics are a direct setting of the Psalm text.  The published version does not identify which translation of the Bible they come from.
All Thy works shall praise Thee, o Lord,
And Thy saints shall bless Thee, o Lord.
They shall speak of the glory of Thy Kingdom,
And talk of thy power.
Thy Kingdom is an everlastig kingdom,
Thy dominion endureth thruout all generations.

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