O Sacred Heart of Jesus Dear

This is a hymn of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

It was published in the 1926 Army and Navy Hymnal and the 1906 American Catholic Hymnal, attributed to I Williams and set to a tune simply described as "old melody".  This publication date means that it is in the public domain, in the USA at least.

The 1953 St Basil Hymnal further identified the author as Isabelle Williams and set the text to music from Goudimel's Psalter.


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O Sacred Heart, O Heart of Jesus dear,
O Sacred Heart aflame with love divine;
Take thou my heart, draw me each day more near;
Take thou my heart, Take thou my heart,
Take thou my heart and let it rest in thine.

Pierced by the lance on Calvary's cruel Tree,
A Saving Flood of priceless graces poured,
From his dear Heart, whose Blood was shed for me:
The Sacred Heart, the Sacred Heart,
The Sacred Heart, the loving Heart of God.

O Sacred Heart, true source of heavenly bliss,
Of peace divine which thou alone canst give;
What sweeter lot could mortal ask than this:
To die for thee, to die for thee,
To die for thee with thee in heaven to be?

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