Holy Father God of Might

This is a hymn about God's kingship and Christ the Light.

It was written by Australian Roman Catholic composer Richard Connolly (1927-2022).

With meter, Connolly set the text to the tune CATHERINE, which he also wrote (possibly for the text - possibly the other way around.   This has a Cut-common time signature, and in the key of Eb, the first few notes are E EE B, E BB.

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • Together in Song, 1999
  • Australian Hymn Book 1977
  • Year of Grace Music Book.
It was not included in Hymns for the Year of Grace, published in 1960 (ref) which included hymns by James McAuley set to tunes by Connolly.  But it was included in the Year of Grace Music released by Willow Music (year TBA), which features the original collection augmented by Connolly's own writings.

Sheet music for CATHERINE is available available from As one Voice.

It was included on the CD 50 Best Loved Hymns recorded by Trinity College from the University of Melbourne, Australia, published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and distributed by Universal Music Group in 2012 (ref).

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Cathedral choir in procession, with organ (live recording, words indistinct)

Cantor and congregation with organ:

Choir with organ, professional recording:

Instrumental - keyboard:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website. A rough outline is:
Holy Father, God of might, ....

Hear the songs your people raise ...

Christ, be with us as we go ...

So will all exalt your name (*)
....  Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

(*) originally "so, all men will bless your name"

See also

1 Holy Father, God of might, Throned amid the hosts of light Take our life, our strength, our love, King of earth and heav'n above. 2 Hear the songs your people raise, Songs of joyful thanks and praise, Calling all created things To adore you, King of kings. 3 Christ, be with us as we go, Let this blind World see and know, Burning in our lives, the sight Of its only saving Light. 4 So will all exalt your name, And your kingship all proclaim, Praising, with the heav'nly host, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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