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'Tis the Month of our Mother (All hail to thee dear Mary)

This hymn was first published anonymously in the in Sisters of Notre Dame Sunday School Hymn Book, 1907 (ref) - and the author has never been revealed.

It is set to an unnamed tune by Louis Lambillotte (1796-1855), which the De La Salle Hymnal published in 1913 described as a "French air".

These days means that the tune is definitely in the public domain (ie free of copyright restrictions), and that the words are public domain in the USA and likely also in many other countries.

It is suitable for a May-crowning ceremonies or processions, and for family or small group prayers during the month of May



Solo singer, light keyboard backing:

Small group with light organ accompaniment:

Singer, self-accompanied on organ:


1. 'Tis the month of our Mother
The blessed and beautiful days,
When our lips and our spirits,
are glowing with love and with praise.

All Hail! to thee, dear Mary,
the guardian of our way;
To the fairest of Queens,
Be the fairest of seasons, sweet May.

2. Oh! what peace to her children,
mid sorrows and trials to know,
that the love of their Mother,
Hath ever a solace for woe.

3. And, what joy to the erring,
The sinful and sorrowful soul;
That a trust in her guidance,
will lead to a glorious goal.

4. Let us sing then, rejoicing,
that God hath so honored our race,
as to clothe with our nature,
Sweet Mary, the Mother of Grace.

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