The Lord is my Shepherd I'll Walk with Him Always

This children's song is based directly on the start of Psalm 23, verses 1-2.

It is set to a folk-melody:  The first part of it is very similar to the French tune used for Immaculate Mary. It can be sung either straight through, as a round in three parts, or as an action song.

A setting arranged by American Reformed Church music director Charlotte Larsen was published in 1992 by Faith Alive Christian Resources. But there are various references on the internet to people singing the song at vacation Bible camp or Sunday school: It's likely that the song was spread between campers long before the first publication. It appears to be particularly popular with Latter Day Saints, Lutheran and Baptist children's ministries.


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Worship leader and congregation with piano:

Young children with keyboard:

Duet, sung as a round:


1 The Lord is my Shepherd,
I'll walk with Him always.

2 He leads me through green pastures,
I'll walk with Him always.

3 Always, always, I'll walk with Him always,
Always, always, I'll walk with Him always.

(Some people use verse 3 as a chorus.)

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