O Mother Blest (Memorare)

This hymn about Mary is based on "Sei pura, sei pia", an Italian hymn written in 1830 by Alfonso M. de Liguori (1699-1787).

One English translation was made by English Redemptorist priest Edmund Vaughan (1827-1908) , while another less-commonly used one was made by K. A. Coffin in 1863.    Possibly one was adapted from the other:  there are number of similarities and a variety of verses in different versions.

Some published versions have only included verses which make up the Memorare prayer, leading the hymn to be known under this title in some cases.

With meter CMD / 86 86 and refrain, tunes it has been set to include:
  • An unnamed tune in the 1912 Westminster hymnal
  • Another unnamed tune, given in the 1957 St Basil Hymnal, by Jules Brazil.
  • ST URSULA by F Westlake (1840-1898) - in Catholic Hymns Old and New 2009
  • SERVANT’S WAy; Fr. J. Roel Lungay, © 2017
  • LOVE OF HEART; Fr. J. Roel Lungay, © 1996


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Choir and congregation with organ, tune ST URSULA

Solo singer, contemporary-style backing:

Choir and congregation with organ an dtrumpet - partial recording:

Solo singer and organ - studio recording:

Instrumental - organ:


O Mother blest whom God bestows
On, sinners and on just,
What joy, what hope, thou givest those
Who in thy mercy trust!

Thou art clement, thou art chaste,
Mary, thou art fair;
Of all mothers sweetest, best,
None with thee compare.

O heavenly Mother! Mistress sweet!
It never yet was told
That suppliant sinner left thy feet
Unpitied, unconsoled.

O Mother pitiful and mild!
Cease not to pray for me;
For I do love thee as a child,
And sigh for love of thee.

Most pow'rful Mother! all men know
Thy Son denies thee nought;
Thou askest wishest it and, lo,
His power thy will has wrought.

Mother of Love! for me obtain,
Ungrateful though I be,
To love that God Who first could deign
To show such love to me.

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