Music used at the World Meeting of Families 2018

The World Meeting of Families 2018 is being held in Dublin, Ireland in August.

Music to be used at the five days of liturgies is listed on this webpage - which (for now anyway) has links to sheet music for many of them.

A summary of the pieces used is give below - it may be useful for parish music directors who want a sense of what music is being used at major events in the Irish church in the early 21st century.


Used five times

A Joy for all the Earth (Ephrem Feeley) - the official hymn of the meeting, more about it here.

Used twice

Críost Liom (Bernard Sexton)
The Last Supper (Bernard Sexton)
Come Feast at this Table (Ian Callanan)

Used once each

Bí Íosa im Chroíse (traditional)
Keep Me Safe O God (Ian Callanan)
Anima Christi (Mon. Marco Frisina)
Ave Verum (William Byrd)
Faith Hope and Love (Ronan McDonagh)
Faithful is the Lord (Fr Liam Lawton/verses John O’Keeffe)
Go mBeannaítear Duit, A Mhuire (Peadar Ó Riada)
God’s Holy Gifts (Bernard Sexton)
I Am The Bread Of Life (Suzanne Toolan)
In Christ Alone (Getty/Townend)
Jesus Christ, You are my Life (Mon. Marco Frisina)
Laudate Dominum (Taizé)
Laudate Omnes Gentes (Taizé)
Let the Peoples Praise You, O Lord (Columba McCann)
Lord Increase our Faith (David Haas)
One in Body, Heart and Mind (C Walker)
Though We Are Many (Bernard Sexton)
Ubi Caritas Et Amor (Duruflé)


The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor (Liam Lawton)
My Prayers Rise Like Insence / Gelimeau tone
I Thank You Lord (O'Carroll)
Create In Me (David Haas)
I Will Bless Your Name Forever (Helen Walsh)


Magnificat- My Soul Proclaims the Lord my God - Carter
Dominican Magnificat (Fergal King)
Litany of the Saints (John D.Becker)

Mass parts


Papal Greeting Tu es Petrus
A Welcome for Christ's Messenger (Ronan McDonagh)

Penitential Rite/Kyrie

Springs Of Water (John O’Keeffe)
Mass of Peace (Seóirse Bodley)
A Thiarna Déan Trócaire (Seán Ó Riada) - used twice


Seinn Alleluia / Worthy are You Lord


The Apostles’ Creed (John O’Keeffe)


Mass of St Paul (Ephrem Feely)
Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes (Jean-Paul Lécot)

Gospel Acclamation

The Glendalough Mass (Fr Liam Lawton) )
Seinn Alleluia (Trad. Ronan McDonagh)
Celtic Alleluia (Fintan O’Carroll)
Plainchant Easter Alleluia

Prayer of the Faithful

Te Rogamus Audi Nos. (Plainchant)
Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes
A Thiarna Éist Linn (Fr. Pat Ahern) - used twice

Sanctus / Holy Holy

Mass of Renewal (Bernard Sexton) 3 times
Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes (Jean-Paul Lécot) - once

Memorial Acclamation

Mass of Renewal (Bernard Sexton)
When We Eat this Bread (arr. T.C. Kelly)


Mass of Renewal (Bernard Sexton)
Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes (Jean-Paul Lécot)

Our Father

Byzantine/ Rimsky-Korsakov - used 3 times
Ár nAthair (Seán Ó’Riada) - used once

Agnus Dei / Lamb of God

The Glendalough Mass (Fr Liam Lawton)
Mass of St Mel (John O’Keeffe)
A Uain Dé (Seán Ó’Riada)
Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes (Lucien Deiss)

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