Priestly People Kingly People

This hymn which exhorts people to praise Christ, and tells his story, was written by French Roman Catholic Spiritan (Holy Ghost) priest and composer Lucien Deiss CSSp (1921-2007). 

It was first published in 1965 by World Library Publications and sheet music is still available from them (link below).  Books which it has been published in include:
Google search results and recordings on YouTube suggest that it is now mainly used in African and Asia, with some occasional use in Australia and Ireland.

Like many of Deiss' compositions, it is set to an unnamed tune with a free time signature.   In the key of A, the first few notes of the chorus-melody are C B, CE E / C E EF F / E E FA A, with accompanying chords  A / F#m / E / D / A / F#m. 



Small group with electronic organ and percussion - professional recording:

Small group, guitar accompaniment:

Choir with organ:

Choir / congregation and cantor, with organ - recorded live in a church service:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website. A rough outline is:
Priestly people, Kingly people, holy people.
God’s chosen people, sing praise to the Lord.

1 We sing to you, O Christ, beloved son of the father.
We give you praise,
O wisdom everlasting and Word of God.

2 ... O son born of Mary the Virgin.
... Our Brother, born to heal us, our saving lord.

3 ... O brightness of splendour and glory.
...O morning star announcing the coming day.

4 ... O light bringing men out of darkness.
... O guiding light who shows us the way to heaven.

5 ... Messiah foretold by the prophets.
... O son of David and son of Abraham.

6 ... Messiah, the hope of the people.
... O Christ our Lord and king, humble meek of heart.

7 ... the Way to the Father in Heaven;
... The Way of truth and way of all true light.

8. ... O Priest of the new dispensation;
... Our pearl sealed by the blood of the sacrifice.

9 ... O lamb, put to death for the sinner.
... O victim, immolated for all mankind.

10 ... the tabernacle made by the Father.
... the Cornerstone and Saviour of Israel.

11 ... the shepherd who leads to the kingdom.
... who gathers all your sheep in the one true fold.

12 ... O fount, overflowing with mercy
... who gives us living waters to quench our thirst.

13 ...true vine, planted by God our Father.
... O blessed Vine, whose branches bear fruit in love.

14 ... O manna, which God gives his people.
... O living Bread, which comes down to us from heaven.

15 ... the image of the Father eternal.
... O King of justice, Lord and the King of peace.

16. ... the firstborn of all God's creation.
... Salvation of your saints sleeping in the Lord.

17 ... O Lord, whom the Father exalted.
... In glory you are coming to judge all men.

Solfa notation


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