God Lives in Me - Baptismal Song

This children's song about baptism was written in the late 1950s / early 1960s by American Roman Catholic World War II veteran and singer-songwriter John Redmond (1906–1982).

It was first released on an album produced by the Religious Music Guild, Seven Songs of the Seven Sacraments (ref).

More recently it has been used in a religious education programme in Asia, and also included in Catholic Songs for Catholic Children, released by St Augustine Academy Press (ref) - this CD and accompanying music book is the only known source of sheet music for it.

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God lives in me
and may He there abide.
I've renounced the devil,
and Jesus is my guide.

God lives in me,
cause I've been baptised
in the name of the Father
and of the Son
and Of the Holy Spirit.

When on my head
baptismal waters poured
I became a child Of God
and brother of my Lord.

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  1. Yes. It’s on a cd called Catholic songs for children by st Augustine academy press.

    1. Thanks Louise, that was a great lead. I've purchased the book accompanying that CD, and learned that John Redmond also wrote another very popular song about the 12 disciples, that I haven't been able to find information about before.

    2. Originally, John Redmond in the late '50's through the Religious Song Guild, early on changed to the Religious Music Guild, produced two LPs with songs for Catholic Children on the catechism. The first was titled Seven Songs on the Seven Sacraments with the Ten Commandments Song for Little Children. The second was titled Twelve Songs on the Apostles' Creed. These have been been combined over the years on cassette and later CD. St. Anthony Guild Press took this project under its wings, also printing the sheet music separately. The original sheet music is scarce. Fortunately, a few years ago St. Augustine Academy Press has remastered the originals, adding a few found only on 45 rpm records and re-issued them on CD. They also collected the sheet music into a book. This was a labor of love. I think the song on the 12 disciples that you mention, refers to the original album titled The Apostles' Creed etc., which tradition tells us goes back to the days of the original 12 apostles. I hope this helps.