To Christ our King

The author and original publication of this hymn inspired by St Anthony of Padua are unknown.

With meter (sometimes with refrain), tunes it is set to include:
  • NEW BRITAIN - known best as the tune of Amazing Grace
  • ICH GLAUB AN GOTT, from Mainz Gesangbuch, 1870 - the tune for To Jesus Christ our Soverign King, which may have been the pattern for this hymn.
  • At ;east one other tune, unidentified, see the video below.

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Small group, electronic backing:


To Christ, our King, we sing this hymn,
our grateful hearts we raise
for Anthony, before his throne,
exult in joy and grace.

Chorus (used with the tune ICH GLAUB AN GOTT)
Saint Anthony, preacher
Saint Anthony, humble
Saint Anthony, pray for us!

2. He followed well the Father’s word,
from him he never turned.
His miracles, a light to all,
to faith the lost recall.

3. O gentle saint, we bring our needs,
your children too, are we;
we ask you now to pray for us,
and we at peace shall be.

4. This grace we beg of God on high,
The Father with the Son;
The Holy Spirit of his love,
Now and forever more.

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