I Sing a Song to You O Lord

This hymn of praise was written by American Roman Catholic priest and charismatic movement leader (ref) Richard Beaumont (1931-2013).

The first verse incorporates the words of the Sanctuus / Holy Holy.

Hymn books where it has been published include

Both of these books list the Shalom Community, Wichita Falls, USA as copyright owners, but current copyright details of them have not been located.

Today the song appears to be sung in some churches and schools in Asia / India, as well as in the United Kingdom.



    Solo singer, self-accompanied on guitar

    Small group with band:

    Instrumental - electronic organ:


    I sing a song to You, Lord,
    A song of love and praise.
    All glory be to you, Lord,
    Through everlasting days.

    Holy, holy, holy, mighty Lord and God,
    He who was and is now,
    And who is to come.

    Worthy is the slain lamb,
    Honour Him and praise,
    We rejoice with gladness,
    Sing our love today.

    H has used his power,
    Has begun his reign.
    So rejoice, you heavens,
    And proclaim his name.

    Shine Your light on us, Lord,
    Let us know Your way.
    Be our guide forever,
    Make us Yours today.

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