What Happiness can Equal Mine

This is a hymn of thanksgiving after receiving Communion 

The original author is unclear:
  • The 1913 American Catholic Hymnal publishes it as a set of four-line stanzas and attributes it as translated by Rev Father T Potter
  • The 1885 Baltimore Catechism attributed it to Frederick W. Faber (1814-1863) - and has it structured differently, with the first four lines repeated as a chorus, and slightly different words.
  • The 1830 Catholic Harp does not attribute it, but has eight-line stanzas - made of pairs of four line stanza matching the 1913 version.   The 1830 publication date means that the text is now in the public domain.

It was set to several un-named tunes in the original publications publications, and more recently included in a collection of Eucharistic hymns set to LM tunes titled SWEET EMBRACE and SACRED BANQUET - composers unidentified. 

The version in the PowerPoint slides, sheet music and lyrics below matches the American Catholic Hymnal version - which was also more recently published in the Nigerian Catholic Hymn Book.

The video is based on the Baltimore Catechism version. If you know where to find a video of the American Catholic Hymnal version, please leave a message in the comments box at the bottom of the page.


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Solo singer with organ:

Self-accompanied singer, multi-track recording

Instrumental - piano:


What happiness can equal mine?
I've found the object of my love:
My Saviour and my Lord Divine,
Is come to me from heav'n above;

He makes my heart His own abode,
His flesh becomes my daily bread;
He pours on me His healing blood;
And with his life, my soul is fed.

My love is mine,and I am his.
In me He dwells, in Him I live;
Where could I taste a purer bliss?
What greater boon could Jesus give?

O royal banquet, heav'nly feast!
O flowing Fount of grace and love,
Where God the giver, man, the guest,
Meet and unite in sweet embrace!

No more O Satan, thee I fear!
O world, thy charms, I now despise.
For Christ himself is with me here,
My Joy, My Life, My Paradise.

Dear Jesus now, my heart is Thine,
Oh may it never fly from Thee.
My God be Thou forever mine,
And I Thine own, eternally.

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