Looking at the Sunrise

This hymn of faith in Jesus was written by Caribbean composer Ronald Gokool. CCLI lists the copyright owner as McCrimmon Publishing Company, but the song doesn't seem to be in any of their currently in-print books.

The publication date is unknown, but a reader reports having sung it in a Catholic church in Trinidad and Tobago during the 1980s. "Just Beth", another visitor to this website, was able to provide the words as shown below.

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1. Looking at the sunrise,
Heralding the dawn
List’ning to the birds sing
Hearing every sound,
I’m at peace with nature,
Because, I suppose,
all my cares and troubles
Are resting with the Lord.

2. Children playing round me
Laughter’s in my heart.
People toiling sadly
Comfort I impart.
Joy is with me daily
And it’s all I know
Because Jesus loves me
For He told me so.

3. Listen to me, brothers,
Heed to what I say;
Place your trust in Jesus
Let Him guide your way.
He will not forsake or
From you turn away;
Peace is yours my brothers,
Jesus is the way.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I used to sing this song in primary school. St. Joseph's Girls' RC. I know the tune very well. Our priest recently burst into this song during his sermon last month. Brought back so many memories. Thanks for the lyrics. I would get the music teacher to determine the chords

  2. Yes Yes Yes Belmont Girls RC School and St Francis Church. The best...I remember every word. It was beautiful. I got thrown out the choir for miming.

  3. This is the song it is lovely I sang it this morning. It gives me so much Joy. I wanted to send it to my WhatsApp friends. It is sad that there is no YouTube versions of this song. Thank you Ronald