Mary, Mildest Queen Remember

This hymn about Mary is a translation of the German hymn Milde Königin gedenke. The author of the English translation is unknown.

It was published in Psallite : Catholic English hymns, which was published by by B Herder of St Louis, Missouri, USA in 1901. Based on the date of this publication, the text is now in the public domain in the USA, at least.   It is set to an un-named tune in the key of G.

The 1913 De la Salle Hymnal sets it to a different tune, also unnamed and with no composer given, which is from Schubiger's hymnal.  This book identifies it as a setting of the Memorare prayer.

Later the hymn was included in the Christ the King Hymnal for Congregational Singing, a collection of English-language translations of German hymns, published in Canada in 1955 (ref).  Here it was set to yet another unnamed tune.   This one is by Kaspar Aiblinger, Munchen, 1845 - who is known in English as German composer Johann Caspar Aiblinger (1779–1867), and appears to be the tune most-commonly used for the German hymn Milde Königin gedenke.


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1. Mary, mildest queen, remember,
Never was it known on earth,
That a child who sought thy flavor,
Had to leave thy throne unheard.

Sound thy children's grateful praises:
That by thee their fervent prayers
Will unheeded never be,
Now. nor in eternity!

2. Didst thou e'er refuse thy children
Aid in need, or help in pain?
Never were to thee, Mother,
Tears of anguish shed in vain.

3. See a poor repenting sinner
Thrown, sweet Virgin, at thy feet!
Shall the poorest of thy children
Unheard leave thy mercy's seat?

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