Oh Father Saint Francis (we kneel at thy feet)

This is a hymn of intercession to St Francis Xavier.  

The author and the tune it is sung to are unknown.

They hymn is used as part of the The Novena of Grace of St. Francis Xavier - examples here and here.  The origin of this Novena in 1633 is documented here, and there is a reference here to it being prayed in 1940.  But the author of this English language format, and also the status of "O Father Saint Francis" (was it always part of the Novena of Grace, or did it simply call for a hymn to St Francis, as most novena formulation do?)  is also unknown.

The words in the second verse are remarkably similar to those of a verse in Hail Glorious St Patrick - and this, together with the unusual wording of the first line, suggest that it may be sung to the same tune.

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Oh, Father Saint Francis, we kneel at thy feet,
While blessings and favors we beg and entreat,
That thou from thy bright throne in heaven above
Wouldst look on thy clients with pity and love.
Saint Francis Xavier, Oh pray for us!
Saint Francis Xavier, Oh pray for us!

Oh, Father Saint Francis, thy words were once strong
Against Satan's wiles and an infidel throng.
Not less is thy might where in heaven thou art;
Oh, come to our aid, in our battle take part.
Saint Francis Xavier, Oh pray for us!
Saint Francis Xavier, Oh pray for us!

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