St. Anthony Our Father Dear

The author of this hymn to St Anthony of Padua is unknown, and no published versions have been found.

The text has Long Meter.  This website says that it is sung to the tune OLD HUNDREDTH, which is usually attributed to French composer Louis Bourgeois (c. 1510 – c. 1560).



Instrumental - organ:


St. Anthony, our father dear,
We meet around your feet once more,
Your boundless graces to proclaim,
And make them sound from shore to shore.

St. Anthony, O hear our prayer,
Thy loving children, ask thy care.
Oh, you who for great wonders seek,
Be present at our Father’s feet.

Ah, there you’ll find that even death,
Has yielded to his power sublime,
St. Anthony, O hear our prayer,
Make us your loving children, thine.

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