Saint Anthony we Turn to Thee

This hymn was first published in St Mark's Hymnal, commissioned by St. Mark's Roman Catholic Parish in Peoria, Illinois and published by J Fishcer and Bro, New York USA (ref) in 1910.   This credits the text to "J C D", who is most likely Julia C Dox (b 1871 - ref) one of the compilers of the book.

With meter CM, tunes it has been set to include:
  • CARESS by Stewart (details TBA) - this was the original tune
  • ST ANNE by William Croft (1708) - has been used more recently.

It was later published in the St Basil Hymnal, Revised edition, published by John P. Daleiden Co., Chicago, Illinois, USA in  1918, and 31st Edition published in 1925.

Based on the first publication date, the text is now in the public domain in the USA.   Status in other countries is unknown.



Choir with organ, tune TBA

Choir with organ, tune ST ANNE - recorded live in a church service:


Saint Anthony, we turn to thee
When troubles sore distress,
Sure of your love for you didst know,
The Christ child’s soft caress.

For you didst hear his gentle voice,
Didst clasp him to thy breast,
Didst feel his pretty cheek ‘gainst thine,
His arms about thee pressed.

O gentle Saint tell him our needs,
His children too are we,
O ask Him now to grant our pray’rs
And we at peace shall be

We would, O blessed Saint, with thee
The Holy Child adore
With hearts as pure as thine dear Saint,
Now and forever more.

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