O Dear Saint Anthony

The author of this hymn to St Anthony of Padua is unknown, and no published versions have been found.

The text has 87.87.87, and this website suggests that it is sung to the same tune as the Latin hymn, O Sanctissima.  The composer of this this tune, which is called SICILIAN MARINERS, is unknown. It was first published in an English-language source in The European Magazine and London Review 1792.



Instrumental - light orchestral:

Instrumental - organ:



O dear Saint Anthony
The wondrous worker.
Under your tutelage
I place my hopes.

Behold your suppliant
In solemn prayer.
O dear Saint Anthony, do pray for us!
O dear Saint Anthony, do pray for us!

The saint, the sinner,
The young and elderly
Have you for brother in paradise.
All shout together your praises daily.

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