Mercy O Thou Son of David

This is a hymn about Bartimaeus, the blind-man whose story is told in Mark 10: 46-52.

It was written by English-born, slave-ship captain turned evangelical Anglican priest John Newton (1725-1807).

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • VILLULIA by J. M. Day (Sacred Harp, 1850)
  • BARTIMAEUS (Jenks) by Stephen Jenks (1772-1856)
  • CHARLESTOWN, from The United States Sacred Harmony, 1799
  • RESTORATION (Southern Harmony), aka ARISE - composer unknown, 1835


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Singer with violin - tune CHARLESTON

Shape note version, unaccompanied:

Instrumental - organ. Tune RESTORATION


"Mercy, O Thou Son of David,"
Thus poor blind Bartimeus prayed,
"Others by Thy grace are saved,
Now to me afford Thine aid."

Money was not what he wanted,
Though by begging used to live;
But he asked, and Jesus granted,
Alms that none but He could give.

"Lord, remove this grievous blindness,
Let mine eyes behold the day,"
Straight he saw and, won by kindness,
Followed Jesus in the way.

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