Blind Bartimaeus Stood on the Way

This American spiritual is about Bartimaeus, the blind-man whose story is told in Mark 10: 46-52.

The first recorded version was an arrangement by Willie T. Johnson (1913-1980) recorded by the Golden Gate Quartet in 1941. This credited the text and the tune as traditional. No further information about the source has been located - if you have any information about it, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottm of the page.


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Close-harmony trio - unaccompanied:

Close harmony quarter - unaccompanied:


Well old Bartimaeus stood on the way, blind
Blind Bartimaeus stood on the way
Well, old blind Bartimaeus stood on the way, crying
Oh Lord, have mercy on me.

In my God’s Bible, the Word proclaims
that Christ went healing the crippled and the lame.
He gave to the poor and the needy bread,
healing the sick and raising the dead.
And then when He came to Galilee,
He passed by a man that could not see.
Well, the man was blind, he was blind from birth.
They tell me that his name was Blind Bartimaeus.

When Bartimaeus heard the Lord was nigh,
he fell on his knees and began to crying,
O thou man of Galilee, cryin’ Great God Almighty, have mercy on me.
Cryin’ O Lord (Mary's baby), O Lord (Son of David), O Lord (Bleeding Lamb), O my Lord from in Bethlehem.
Then my Lord He stopped and He turned around,
and He saw Blind Bartimaeus on the ground.
And He touched his eyes with the palm of His hand,
Blind Bartimaeus saw like a natural man.
Then he cried Thank God, Thank God (Mary's baby), Thank God (Son of David), Thank God (Bleeding Lamb), O my Lord from in Bethlehem.

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