For the Bread Which you have Broken

This is a hymn of thanks for the Eucharist. It is most appropriate after communion, or at a time of sending forth at the end of a service.

It was written by American Presbyterian lawyer and later ordained minister, Louis F (FitzGerald) Benson (1855-1930).

With meter, tunes it is set to include:
  • OMNI DIE (Corner) which was published in Gross Catholisches Gesängbuch, edited by German Roman Catholic monk and hymn-writer, David Gregor Corner (1585-1648) -  this appears to be the tune most-commonly published with the words, but recent recordings on YouTube show a far wider range of tunes being used.
  • KINGDOM (Copes) by V. Earl Copes (1921-2014)
  • AGAPÉ (Dickinson) by Charles John Dickinson (1822-1883)
  • HYFRYDOL by Welch textile worker and composer, Rowland H. Prichard (1811-1887)
  • WRAYSBURY by English composer and organ-builder, Edward John Hopkins (1818-1901),


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Large choir with organ:

Small choir with piano, tune KINGDOM

Small choir with piano, tune

Singer with organ:

Singer with guitar:

Duet with piano:

Choir with organ, tune OMNI DIE

Small choir with band:

Instrumental - piano, with words on-screen:

Instrumental - organ voice, tune OMNI DIE


For the bread which you have broken,
for the wine which you have poured,
for the words which you have spoken,
now we give you thanks, O Lord.

By this promise that you love us,
by your gift of peace restored,
by your call to heaven above us,
hallow all our lives, O Lord.

With the saints who now adore you
seated at the heavenly board,
may the church still waiting for you
keep love's tie unbroken, Lord.

In your service, Lord, defend us;
in our hearts keep watch and ward;
in the world to which you send us
let your kingdom come, O Lord.

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