You Strode Within the Temple, Lord

This is a hymn of petition for God's mercy and guidance, inspired by the story of Jesus chasing the money-changers from the Temple.

It was written by American Lutheran pastor, theologian and hymn writer Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (1923-2007).

It was first published in 2000, by GIA Publications, Chicago, USA.

With meter D, it is set to the tune KINGSFOLD.  This is based on a traditional English / Irish / Scottish folk song which is widely known and has been used for a number of hymns including Led by the Spirit of our God and I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.

Image adapt. from The expulsion of the merchants from the Temple,
Aniello Falcone  (1607–1656) 


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The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website. A rough outline is:
1.  You strode within the Temple, Lord, where merchants vied for gain ...

2.  The temple of your body, Lord, they crushed when you were slain ...

3.  Make ev’ry heart your temple, Lord, each life a holy place ...

4.  Come, visit, Lord of righteousness, the Church that bears your name ...

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Where merchants vied for gain,
And cried, “Your wares corrupt God’s house,
This place of prayer profane!”
With corded whip and fiery wrath
You put God’s foes to flight.
They could not bear the searching beam
Of your unshielded light.

The temple of your body, Lord,
They crushed when you were slain;
But after three days’ sleep in death,
God raised it up again.
And now you have a dwelling place
On earth, in all its lands.
Your people are your temple, Lord,
A house not made with hands.

Make ev’ry heart your temple, Lord,
Each life a holy place.
Forgive the sins that flaw your plan,
Your patient work deface.
In love that does not shrink from truth
These temples purify.
And then in mercy, Lord, remain;
Your Spirit’s gifts supply.

Come, visit, Lord of righteousness,
The Church that bears your name.
Drive out our fear and unbelief,
The pride that is our shame.
Renew the life we share, O Christ,
In love and prayer and praise.
Then send us forth, our strength restored,
To serve you all our days.

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