Mo Maria

This Maori-language hymn about Mary was written in 1842 by French Catholic Jean Baptiste Francois Pompallier, (1802-1871) who was the first Roman Catholic bishop of New Zealand.

It has 14 verses, although only some of them are shown here - if you have a source for the other verses, please leave a comment below.

With meter 87.87 with refrain, it is now always set to the tune PRECIOUS NAME by W Howard Doane (1832-1915), which is also used for the hymn "Take the Name of Jesus with You".    The tune used when the text was originally written in 1842 is unknown.

Many variations of the tune used in different communities: echoing / repeating phrases, adding harmonies, etc.



Unaccompanied, performed by a sports team outdoors

Performed by a sports team in an international departures area, accompanied by light guitar and boarding calls.

For comparison: an instrumental version of "Take the Name of Jesus with You"


Mō Maria aianei,
ō tātou waiata,
Kia kaha rā tātou,
kia nui te aroha.

Mō Maria aianei,
ō tātou waiata,
Kia kaha rā tātou,
kia nui te aroha.

Meaning:  For Mary now, our songs. Let us be strong, let there be great love.

Kei ā koe te Atua;
I whiriwhiria ko-e
Hei Whaea pū anō mō
Hē hu Atua pono.

Meaning: The Lord is with you, you are chosen as Mother of God.

Kia mahara pū ko-e
Ki te kupu i meinga,
E Hēhu Kerito anō i
Runga i te Rīpeka.

Meaning: Be mindful of the words spoken by Jesus as he hung on the cross.

E te wahine mamae,
Tēnei rā tōu Tama
Kai rongo, e Hoane,
Tēnei tōu whaea.

Meaning: Sorrowing mother, behold your son. John "This is your mother".

Tenā hoki ngā ahere
E whakahonore ana
Ki to ratou rehina
Ki a Maria anō rā.

Meaning: There are also the angels giving honour to their queen, to Mary.

Aroha kie te Atua
Aroha ki a Maria
I te Rangi, i te whenua
āke tonu, āke tonu.

Meaning: Love God, love Mary, in heaven and on earth, for ever and ever.

ABC Notation

A:Jean Baptiste Francois Pompallier (1802-1871)
O:New Zealand
E A c3/4 B/4 A3/4 B/4 | A2 E2 | F F A3/4 G/4 A3/4 F/4 | E3 z |
E B A3/4 G/4 A3/4 B/4 | c2 A2 | B E c3/4 B/4 A3/4 G/4 | A3 z |
A3/4 G/4 | F3 A3/4 F/4 | E3 A/2 B/2 | c E A c | B3 z |
c3/4 B/4 | A3 A3/4 G/4 |(F2 !fermata!A) A/2 B/2 | c E c B | A3 z ]

About ABC notation

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