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Come to me Lord

This hymn of petition was published in the Veritas Hymnal, which credits Fr John Moloney and gives the tune source as Messa del Fanmciullo.

 No on-line examples have been found, although the lyrics were included a in home-made hymnal from teh 1970/80s used by the charismatic movement.



Come to me Lord, and live within me
Fill my soul with your life and love.

Free from sin this day Lord, preserve me,
True to your word give me your peace.

Bring quick relief to all who suffer,
Comfort and strength to all who mourn.

You are the vine,and we are the branches,
Though you are many, in You we are one.

Chord pattern

[D]Come to me [A]Lord, and [D]live within me
Fill my [A]soul with your [D]life [A]and [D]love.

[D]Free from [A]sin this [D]day Lord, preserve [A]me,
[D]True to [A]your [D]word give me your [D]peace.

ABC Notation

T:Come to me Lord
F3 A2 F | G3 (B2G) | F3 A2 F | (C2 D) D3 |
F3 A2 F | G3 B2G | F3 EFG | (F3F3) |]
c3 ABc | B3 GAB | A3 c2 A | A3 G3 |
c3 AB c | B3 GAB | A3 (c2A) | (G3 G3) ||

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