Sing to God with Songs of Praise

This original author and composer of this hymn are unknown.

It was found in a "home made" hymnal most probably from the 1970's or 80's and most probably used by the charismatic movement.

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Sing to God with songs of praise
Christ ascends with victr’y crowned.
Shout with joy all earth and heaven,
Fill the world with joyful sound.

Jesus has redeemed his people,
God has shown his glory here.
Christ the Lord of our salvation
rises; Man has no more fear.

Mountains, rivers, all creation
Sings our songs of joy and praise.
Now from heaven comes the Spirit,
Gift of love to bless our days.

You, we should be always blessing,
Serve you as your saints above.
Pray, and praise you without ceasing,
Marvel at your perfect love.

Finish then your new creation,
Men of virtues let us be;
Pilgrims still, we call for mercy.
From our failings, set us free.

‘Til in heaven with Christ our brother
We in glory take our place.
Sing, rejoice, go tell all peoples,
All mankind our God shall praise.

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