Happy is the Man

The author, source and tune of this hymn are unknown. It was found in a "home made" hymnal most probably from the 1970's or 80's and most probably used by the charismatic movement. It could easily be adapted to use more inclusive language.

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Happy is the man who walks in the way
Of the Lord our God and King.
Blessed is he and happy are they who put their trust in him!
Sing hosanna, alleluia.

Blessed are they who know that they are poor
The kingdom of God is close at hand.
And blessed are the sorrowful who know not where to go
Soon someone will understand.

Blessed are the gentle of spirit and of heart
For all the good of earth is theirs.
And for those that hunger and thirst for what is right,
Soon they'll have enough to share.

Blessed are the men who strive to spread the peace,
The peace that begins right here at home.
And soon all men who suffer to show us what is right
Will find that they are not alone.

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