Fatima Ave

This is a hymn about Mary's appearance at Fatima 

It was attributed to Mother J Sweetman, RSCJ, at some time before 1954. It appears to be an alternative to the "Thirteenth of May" translation of António Botto's "Avé de Fátima" AKA "A treze de Maio" which was written about the same time.   This version is about Mary in general rather than the apparitions at Fatima.

The Holy Ghost Hymnal calls the tune the FATIMA PILGRIM TUNE, and attributes the arrangement to "the editor" - but does not clarify whether this is the editor of the first or second edition. Other sources call the tune FATIMA'S COVE.

The hymn-pattern and the tune have a similar rhythmic structure to the Lourdes Hymn, but with a different melody.


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Instrumental - electronic keyboard with effects:


Hail Virgin most holy,
In mercy descending,
To save us poor sinners,
From sorrow unending.

Ave, ave, ave Maria,
Ave, ave, ave Maria.

How calm is thy shining
Above earth's commotion!
Give peace to the nations,
Thou Star of the Ocean.

Hail great Mediatrix
Forever bestowing,
The graces, from Jesus,
Unceasingly flowing.

Our home and our country,
We place in thy keeping,
To love thee and serve thee,
In gladness and weeping.

Thy message we hear with
Its gentle appealing.
For penance and prayer,
That the world may find healing.

We pray for the Church
In the hour of her mourning,
We pray for all sinners
Still deaf to thy warning.

We pray for the Vicar
of Christ on whom presses
The weight of the world
And its cruel distresses.

O Queen of the Rosary
Be thou our salvation,
Our refuge in life and
Our true consolation.

ABC Notation

T:Fatima Ave / Treze de Maio
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
D | "G" G G B | "G" d d B | "G" d d B | "D" A A B |
"C" c c A | "G" B B G | "D" A A D | "G" G G D |
"G" B2 A | "G" G2 G | "Am" A "G" B "D" c | "D/A" A2 D |
"C" d2 c | "G" B2 G | "Am" A D B | "G" G2 z |]

Ref:  What is ABC

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