The Thirteenth of May - American lyrics

This hymn about Mary's appearance at Fatima is a translation of "Avé de Fátima" AKA "A treze de Maio" by António Botto (1892-1959).

It was originally translated in Europe, but the lyrics shown here have been altered for use in America. The translator and adaptor are unknown.

It is set to the tune FATIMA's COVE.


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Choir and congregation, piano accompaniment:

Instrumental - keyboard with effects:


In Fatima's cove on the
Thirteenth of May;
The Virgin Maria
Appeared at mid-day.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria,
Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!

The Virgin Maria
Surrounded by light;
God's Mother is ours
For she gives us this sight.

The world was then suffering
From war, plague, and strife,
And Portugal mourned
For her great loss of life.

To three shepherd children
The Virgin then spoke
A message so hopeful,
With peace for all folk.

With sweet Mother's pleading,
She asked us to pray,
Do penance, be modest,
The Rosary each day.

All Portugal heard what
God's Mother did say,
Converted it sings
Of that Queen to this day.

We all must remember
Our Lady's request,
Do all that she asks for,
Obey her bequests.

She warned of behavior
From which we must turn,
Of thoughts, words, and actions
Which Christians must spurn.

To her sad, sweet pleading
Our promise is made,
That God's Law in all things
Be strongly obeyed.

From nation to nation
Her fair name is praised,
As souls from sin's bondage
Are contritely raised.

Our thanks to the Godhead,
Whose ways are so sure,
For giving us Mary,
Our Mother Most Pure.

Our hearts, overflowing
With kindness and love,
Thank her for God's graces
Bestowed from above.

Hail, Refuge of sinners
Hail, Star of the Sea.
Hail, Queen of Creation,
Our hope is in thee.

All hail, Virgin Mary
This Star guides our way,
Our country's Protectress,
America's Way.

ABC Notation

T:Thirteenth of May / Treze de Maio
Z:abc-transcription ,
D | "G" G G B | "G" d d B | "G" d d B | "D" A A B |
"C" c c A | "G" B B G | "D" A A D | "G" G G D |
"G" B2 A | "G" G2 G | "Am" A "G" B "D" c | "D/A" A2 D |
"C" d2 c | "G" B2 G | "Am" A D B | "G" G2 z |]

Ref:  What is ABC

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