Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock (Open the Door of thy Heart)

This hymn, based on Revelations 3:20, was written by Charles Millard Fillmore (1860-1952)  It was first published in The Children's Hallelujah (1886).

This timing means that it is in the public domain in the USA, but may not be in countries where the copyright criteria is based on number of year's since the author's death.



Behold! I stand at the door and knock;
Will you not let me come in?
With you in blessing I will abide,
And cleanse you from all your sin.

I knock, knock, open to me,
Open the door of thy heart.
I knock, knock, open to me,
Open, I soon may depart.

See, others knock and an entrance find,
Though often unworthy they be;
Oh why admission to such allow,
Refusing to open to me?

The time will come when I will not knock,
And ask to abide in your heart,
But leaving you to your idols joined,
Forever from you, I'll depart.

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