Song and hymn requests - May 2016

We're now well into The Lovely Month of May - lovely for northern hemisphere readers, anyway. Maybe not so much for the other half of the world, where autumn is arriving.

The tradition of crowning Mary as Queen of the May is amazing popular.   I'd heard of maypole dancing before I moved to Ireland, but never really connected it to other May traditions.  So I've been quite amazed by the thousands of people who've been looking up the words for Bring Flowers of the Rarest over the last few weeks.

With Easter being early this year, hymns for Penteost and Trinity have also been popular, alongside the First Communion season favourites.

There were only 24 new research requests during April, so again I was able to include a few of the hymns requested in earlier months.   Read on to find out what people have been looking for.

Last month's hymn and song research requests 

A Mhuire Mhathair

Information about this Irish-language hymn about Mary - a First Communion favourite in Ireland - is available here.

A Uain De

This request is for the Irish-language version of the Lamb of God / Agnus Dei. The text is available here. Unfortunately no information was provided about the tune.

All of my Life - Habjan

This request just included the title and a name as shown. Possible it is for this song. However if you were looking for something else, please try again, providing more details.

Alleluia Praise the Lord

Not very much information has been found about this praise-hymn: see what is known on the information page which is now available here.

Almighty Father Take this Bread

This was a request to provide guitar chords for this hymn, as it is published in older versions of Hymns Old and New. A copy of the sheet music has now been located, and hopefully chords can be derived from it in the next month or two.

Around the Altar

An information page about this hymn by Nigerian priest, — Iheanyi M. Enwerem, OP, is now available here.

Dear Lady of Fatima

See here for information about this devotional song.

Do You Really Love Me

This children's song by Carey Landry has been requested several times over the last two years. It's still copyright and in-print, but there is now an information page about it here.

God Gives His People Strength

Information about this hymn by American feminist theologian and composer, Miriam Therese Winter is available here.

I Saw a Star

Information about this Christmas song by Joan McCrimmon is available here.

I Thank my God - Andersen

This song by Australian priest Frank Andersen is based on St Paul's writings. Read about it here.

If I Your Lord and Master

This hymn about foot-washing for Holy Thursday was written by English composer and editor, Stephen Dean. It is available from OCP.

Is Mise An Tiarna

This has been one of the more challenging research requests. The original information included some more of the text:
Is mise an tiarna is chonaigh me abhus
Ardaigh do chroi bheidh mar a bhi .....
and that tthe words are by: S E O'Cearbhaill with music by: C O'Treasaigh, and that it was published by Glenside Music Company, 1973.

A recording of this 1973 recording is available on YouTube. From it, I can see that Glenside Music was part of Walton Music in Dublin - but no other information has been found.

If you know any more about the hymn (eg where to find a full transcription or a translation), please leave a message in Comments box near the bottom of the screen.

Update 10-Feb-2021:   thanks to a person who kindly provided the words to the whole hymn, there is now a separate information page about it -

Like the Dear that Yearns for Running Streams

There are a number of settiings of this text from Psalm 42. One, by Joseph Walshe is available here. But there are others by A Gregory Murray, Christopher Walker and others, and unfortunately this request didn't have any details showing which one was being sought.

Lourdes Magnificat

Information about this setting of the Magnificat is available here.

Love is His Word

Information about this hymn by English composer Luke Connaughton is available here.

Love it was that Made Us

The person who requested this hymn says that it is very popular in Sri Lanka - and from the Google search results it looks like it's known in many other Asian countries, too. They were looking for the author/composer's name for copyright management purposes, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find these. You can see what I have been able to find out here.

O the Word of my Lord

Information about this song by Damian Lundy, officially called "Song of a Young Prophet" is available here.

Our Lady of Fatima

See here for information about this devotional song.

See the Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep

Information about this hymn, first published in 1842, is available here.

Sing a Simple Song Unto the Lord

Read about this children's song by Carey Landry here.

Something Which is Known

An information page about this song by Gregory Norbet is available here

Song of the Resurrection

This request is most likely for Ronan McDongah's setting of "Come Christians all Rejoice and Sing" - more information about this is available here.

Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me

Information about this hymn, written by Philip Green as part of the Mass of St Francis, is available here.

The Baker Woman

Information page about this song, which was translated from French by Englishman Hubert Richards, is available here.

The Visit (She walked in the summer)

This song was first requested in January, by someone who heard it in India. This month, it has been requested by someone who learned it in school in Tonga. Find out more about it here.

The Wonders He Has Done - Andersen

This hymn, written by Australian Sacred Heart priest Fr Frank Andersen, has been added to the list for further research.

There's no Hiding Place Down Here

This Afro-American spiritual, based on Revelations, was requested by a visitor from Canada. Read more about it here.

We are One in Jesus all of us we are One

Information about this 1967 song by Sebastian Temple is available here.

What a Blessed Hope is Mine

Information about this American gospel hymn is now available here.

Don't see your request?

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  1. The words of the hymn:

    Is mise an Tiarna, (Don Cáisc - For Easter)

    Is mise an Tiarna
    is chónaigh mé abhus;
    Ardaigh do chroí, beidh mar a bhí
    Éireoidh an lá, míneofar an fáth
    Is mise an Tiarna, Tiarna an ghrá

    1)Is mise an Tiarna chruthaigh mé an domhan
    Seanbhean ag ghuí, éin ag suirí
    An ghrian go hard agus planda glas ag fás
    Is mise an Tiarna, Tiarna an Ghrá (Cúrfa)

    Is mise an Tiarna
    is chónaigh mé abhus;
    Ardaigh do chroí, beidh mar a bhí
    Éireoidh an lá, míneofar an fáth
    Is mise an Tiarna, Tiarna an ghrá

    2)Is mise an Tiarna, d’aiséirigh mé ón mbás
    Anois an t-am, tóg suas do cheann
    Ón gcogadh, ón ngá, ón gcruatan is diomá,
    Is mise an Tiarna, Tiarna an Ghrá (Cúrfa)

    Is mise an Tiarna
    is chónaigh mé abhus;
    Ardaigh do chroí, beidh mar a bhí
    Éireoidh an lá, míneofar an fáth
    Is mise an Tiarna, Tiarna an ghrá

    1. Thank you! I will make an information page about it. If you have any more information about it (eg who wrote it), please do leave another message.