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Take my Hands and Make Them as Your Own

This hymn is about surrendering yourself to doing God's will.  It was written by South African born lay-Franciscan Sebastian Temple (1928-1997).

It was included in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 1, and various other books published in the 1970s, and is often suggested as an Offertory hymn.

Sheet music is still available from OCP,  and the song is also in hymn-books including  McCrimmon's Celebration Hymnal for Everyone 2012 edition, which is still in-print..

Like most of Temple's work, this song is not covered by CCLI licensing.

The words are set to an un-named tune, also by Temple.   The original publication was in the key of E, 4/4 time signature, and the first few notes are E B, AGFE.

Image adapted from a work by Artotem
Used and shared under a Creative Commons licence.



Choir with keyboard:

Solo singer with guitar:

Instrumental - piano:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website.  Guitar chords are available here.

The song has three verses. Each is four lines long - but to make sense, the 3rd and 4th lines need to run together.  A rough outline is:
1 Take my hands and make them as your own, ...

2 Take my hands, they speak now for my heart ...

3 Take my hands; I give them to you, Lord ...

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Take my hands and make them as your own...
And use them for your kingdom here on earth...
Consecrate them to your care...
Anoint them for your service where...
You may need your Gospel to be sown.

Take my hands, they speak now for my heart...
And by their actions they will show their love...
Guard them on their daily course...
Be their strength and guiding force...
To ever serve the Trinity above.

Take my hands, I give them to you, Lord...
Prepare them for the service of your name.
Open them to human need...
And by their love they'll sow your seed...
So all may know the love and hope you gave.
Take my hands... Take my hands... Oh, Lord.

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  1. This hymn is still to be found in many in print hymnals such as celebration Hymnal for Everyone pub McCrimmons, Hymns Old and New (and its successors) pub Kevin Mayhew Ltd, &c


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