Virgin Mary of Mt Carmel

This is a hymn about Mary, under her title Our Lady of Mt Carmel.

It was written by American Roman Catholic poet and Carmelite nun, Jessica (Sr Miriam of the Holy Spirit) Powers (1905–1988).

With meter 87.87.D  tunes it is set to include:
  • Beethoven's ODE TO JOY
  • ASSYNT - composer unknown, 1905 - sheet music available here.


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Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel
Whom in ancient prophecy
God revealed to Saint Elijah
By an Oriental sea,
Rise again on God’s creation,
Bring to bloom this arid place
With the white cloud of your beauty
And the rainfall of your grace.

Lady of the mystic mountain
Where the Lord has set his throne,
Up its steep ways of the spirit
None can walk save love alone.
Grant us grace to climb Mount Carmel
And to learn that love is loss;
Guide us till our ways outdistance
All earth’s treasures save the Cross.

Blessed cloud of God’s protection
And his luminous abode,
Light the pathway of your pilgrims
To the Promised Land of God.
On the mount of contemplation
Be our surety and stay,
In the night a pillar glowing
And a cloud of love by day.

Virgin of the Incarnation,
In the mysteries of grace
God has made his habitation
In our soul’s most secret place.
Toward that bright and inner kingdom
All our words and ways compel,
For the Father, Son and Spirit
In its sacred silence dwell.

Queen and beauty of Mount Carmel,
Virgin of the solitude,
In the wilderness of Carmel
Lies the world’s eternal good.
Draw us to its deep seclusion
And make God alone our goal
In the mystical Mount Carmel
That lies hidden in the soul.

This verse is only used by members of the Carmel family 
Mother fair above all mothers,
By the Scapular we wear,
By your own Sign of Salvation,
Which our willing shoulders bear,
Shield us from the foes of darkness,
We are prey they seek to win.
Guard us as thy loving children
From the tragedy of sin.

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  1. At your invitation, here is a setting of the poem with a tune titled "Assynt", after a place name, a remote region in Sutherland in the Socttish highlands.