Let It Breathe on Me

This is a short worship song, invoking the Holy Spirit. It is sometimes sung only as a chorus, while others include two verses.

It was written by American Protestant church musician, classically trained singer, composer, soloist and gospel-choir innovator, Magnolia Lewis-Butts (1880-1949) - (1).

The song was first published in 1942.  In the USA, copyright was renewed in 1969, by Martin & Morris Music, Inc.  This may mean that the song is copyright the USA, but not in some countries where materials are copyright for a fixed number of years after the author's death.

Hymn-books where it has been published in include:
  • New Century Hymnal 288
  • United Methodist Hymnal
  • Chalice Hymnal, 1995
  • African American Heritage Hymnal
  • The New National Baptist Hymnal, 1977 and 2020
  • Songs of Zion (ref)
and these are the best sources of sheet music for the song.


(1) - https://joyfulnoisepress.com/uncategorized/magnolia-lewis-butts/


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Chorus - live-event recording:

Choir with piano, professional recording:

Classical-style singer wtih piano - with words on screen, including verses

Singer with piano:

Instrumental - wind-instrument, words on-screen:

Instrumental - organ:


Let it breathe on me, Let it breathe on me.
Let the breath of God now breathe on me;
Let it breathe on me, Let it breathe on me,
Let the breath of God now breathe on me.

While I’m working Lord in your vineyard here,
I can do naught if thou aren’t near.

When the pathway Lord I cannot see,
When the way is dark, Lord, breathe on me.

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