Our Lady of Good Counsel (The thought steals o'er me as I kneel)

This is a hymn about Mary under the title Our Lady of Good Counsel.

The author and composer are unknown.

Hymn-books where it has been published in include:
  • The Catholic school and sodality hymnal,  Philadelphia : Geo. W. Gibbons, 1900
  • Notre Dame Sisters - Sunday School hymn book 1907, Oliver Ditson Company, USA
  • Hymns used by the Pupils of the Sisters of Notre Dame, The Brothers of Charity, West Newbury, Mass. USA 1955
Based on the earliest of these dates, it is assumed that the song is now in the public domain.

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Traditional language

The thoughts steal o'er me as I kneel 
Before thy Son and thee, 
That thou must suffer all thy life, 
And He must die for me. 
I look upon that lovely face, 
Those eyes so sweet and mild, 
And gather courage as I gaze 
Upon thy holy child.

His little arm thrown round thy neck,
As if to soothe thy fears, 
Shows that thine infant son is grieved 
To see His mother's tears. 
He knows that Simeon's prophecy
Rings ever in thy mind; 
The sword has opened thy large heart 
To shelter all mankind. 

Hence may the weary mother come 
With her domestic cares; 
Here may the anxious father seek 
Advice in grave affairs. 
The weeping child too runs to thee 
In sorrow and in pain;— 
No little one will have recourse 
To Mary's heart in vain. 

Then for my guide and advocate 
Whom fitter could I choose, 
Then one who never asks a thing 
That Jesus can refuse? 
Dear Mother, whisper to thy Son 
A little prayer for me; 
Thou knowest better far than I 
What that request should be!

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