Song and hymn requests - June 2015

Introducing hymn request round-ups

The hymn research request tool lets you suggest hymns and songs that you are looking for, so that experienced researchers can try to track them down.

An increasing number of requests are being made each month, and many hymns and songs have been added based on these requests. But getting in touch with the people who made the request has been difficult: Many don't provide their email address, of those who do, a surprising number of addresses are wrong, or mark emailed replies as spam.

Starting today, a different approach is being tried.  Song and hymn request roundup posts will list  requests made since the last round-up.  Mostly likely these posts will be monthly, but will depend on your feedback - leave a comment at the bottom of this page letting us know what you thinks of this approach.

Hymns and songs requested in June 2015

A Mhuire Mhathair

One of the most frequently requested and viewed hymns on this site, you can find it here.

Go ye Afar go Teach all Nations

This hymn was interesting to research: it was written in Ireland to inspire missionaries being sent overseas - but these days is inspiring people (mainly from African nations) who are living far from their homes. It was added to the site in June and you can find it here.

God Gives His People Strength

This is one of Miriam Therese Winter's earliest songs. It's been on the "to do" list for a while - and in the meantime, it's been described over at Six Maddens.

God is Love

This is a very popular song title! But the request is for Clarence Rivers version. It's on the list for a future research.

I Have a Father

Another hymn which is popular among readers from Africa, in particular. See it here.

I Trusted Even When I Said

This text is copyright to the The Grail (England), 1963, and it hasn't been possible to determine exactly which tune it is sung to.

Jesus the Healer is Here

There are a few songs with this name, but most likely the request is mostly likely for the version that is in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal, volume 3. There's still more research to be done here, so this song hasn't been added to the site yet but is coming.

Laudato Si

The release of Pope Francis' letter with the same name and theme led a sudden surge of interest in this folk-hymn from the 1980's. The words are still copyright, but there is an information page here.

Mother at Your Feet is Kneeling

This is an old-favourite from America, which is occasionally requested. You can find it here.

My Soul is Joyful - Andersen

This is one of the hymns by Australian Fr Frank Anderson which is still on the "to do" list. Because it's copyright, it will only be an information page and not the full words.

My Soul is Sad

This hymn for Good Friday by Francesca Leftley is on the list for more research. Hopefully an information page can be completed before next Lent/Easter.

O Lord with Wondrous Mystery

This hymn was added during June, in response to a request - it is here.

Song of a Young Prophet

An information page about this song has been in the works for some time - June's request was just the prompt to actually complete it! You can find it here.

Suffer Little Children

Another hymn which is occasionally requested, the lyrics are still copyright but there is some information about it here.

Thank You Lord for this Fine Day

This song appears to be a variation on  Thank You Lord for Giving us Life / Right Where We Are. It's not on the "to do" list at the moment, but can be added if there is more interest - however the lyrics are copyright so only an information page will be possible.

What Fairer Light

This hymn is a translation by Msgnr Ronald Knox, so is still copyright. But an information page is on the "to do" list, because it hasn't been picked up by any of the maistream hymn sites.

You are Mine

This hymn by David Haas is very widely available, so probably doesn't need to be included here. Lyrics are available from various places on the internet - just Google it.

Your Only Son / Oh Lamb of God

This most likely refers to a praise-chorus style hymn by Twilla Paris. It hasn't been written up here (yet) - but you can find it on iTunes.

Don't see your request here

Every month, there are a number of requests which don't provide enough information to track down the intended hymn or song. If you made a request but don't see it listed here, then  try again, if possible including some unusual words or phrases that aren't likely to be included in other hymns.

What do you think

This first hymn-requests-round-up is a bit of an experiment: time spend preparing it is time that's not being devoted to researching new hymns or listing existing hymnals. But hopefully it will be more effective than individual responses..

If you subscribe to the mailing list, you will get notified when new hymns and hymnal-listing are added, and when new round-ups are posted. (Don't forget to respond to the verification-request email that Feedburner sends).

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